The Swissknife of a Code Retreat - How to Get Ready

What to expect at the Code Retreat (Short Version)

  • Bring your laptop setup to code…and your charger.
  • Pair programming with awesome people and write code.
  • 5-6 sessions to improve your coding abilities.
  • Delete your code after each session and swap pairs.

What to expect at the Code Retreat (Long Version)

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The Swissknife of a Code Retreat

Every software craftsman should have a set of tools they use for software development.

This is what you must bring to the Code Retreat.

1. Any programming language is accepted

The Code Retreat is language agnostic. Meaning, that any programming language is accepted.

I won’t have a list here, cause I know it will be incomplete and I will keep on getting asked “Can I use this…?”. The answer is yes.

What is a programming language? If you are not sure go to wikipedia

2. Bring a laptop setup and ready to write code

If you are coming to a Code Retreat you must write code. Bring your laptop ready to write code.

Whatever you use to write code, you must bring. Either IDE or plain text editor.

There won’t be time to setup your computer on the day of the Code Retreat. So make sure your computer is up and running the day before.

Bring your laptop charger!!!

3. Pen and paper

You are free to bring pen and paper. We will bring some as well. But it is a good idea to have backup.

Remember you must write code…on the computer. You can work ideas on paper but you will get the most out of the Code Retreat by writing and running code on the computer.

4. Bring yourself

Thank you for registering to the Code Retreat. Now you have to bring yourself.

I recommend a good night sleep. Set your alarm and get your butt over to the Code Retreat.

Get ready for a day of writing code and meeting some awesome people.

5. What not to bring

  • Don’t bring your external monitors
  • Don’t bring alcoholic drinks
  • Don’t bring your pet
  • Don’t bring a recruiter or sales person. We will beat you up with a hockey stick (the metal one)

What is Pair Programming?

Here is a better explanation of pair programming

A quick summary:

Two programmers work together on a computer. The “driver” writes code while the “observer” reviews each line of code typed in.

What is TDD

Here is a great article.

Here are other great sources about TDD.

The rules of TDD

Uncle Bob on TDD

Donate a smart phone you are not using

Bring it to the Code Retreat. Read this to learn more

Any questions or comments tweet @tomordonez